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COVID-19 Community Support

Community Support For Our Fellow GTA Business Owners And Managers Coping With COVID-19

This page is dedicated to providing free community-based support to businesses who are hurting due to COVID-19

As IT experts, we continue to offer FREE or at Discount services to our fellow GTA Business Owners and Managers who are reopening their businesses.

Here is what we have planned:

1. Free remote access toolset

We are extending our remote access toolset at no charge until the end of September (with a probability of extension) to any company not yet set up to work from home. 

A remote control allows someone to use their own home computer, to connect to their office computer remotely.  We may charge a minimal, highly discounted setup fee, but the remote control is essential if your staff continues to work from home for an extended period. We will try our best to keep it a no cost. Most of the time, we can have all this setup with your assistance in less than a few hours.

2. Add you to our dark web monitoring tools

As we focus on critical issues of how to keep our business afloat, cybercriminals are treating our vulnerabilities as our distraction and using it against us. To protect our fellow business community, we will add you and your staff to our dark web monitoring tool for FREE until the end of September (with a probability of extension). Dark Web Monitoring is one of our essential security tools that we use for all our clients to protect them against cyber attacks.

3. Live training call for your employees for free

We can schedule LIVE training for your staff to help them understand the various cyber threats and how to keep them and your business protected while they work from home. Again, this will be a no-cost session. We have compiled three tips on our latest blog post that you can share with your employees right away Cybercriminals Are Counting On You Letting Your Guard Down During This Global Pandemic – Here’s How To Stop Them.

4. We can help you source technology hardware

We have received a lot of requests from companies who are looking to buy laptops, desktops, iPad and other devices for their staff to work from home. While we cannot purchase these products for you (we wish we could), what we can do is source these products from our trusted vendors for you. We have a 25-year-old relationship with our vendors, and we can work with them and get you the best prices, which otherwise will be an expensive endeavour.

To take advantage of any of the above services, let us know by email us or call us at 905-474-4332 

Idealogical Resources for Businesses 

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Please note: This is an effort to help the fellow business owners in our small capacity and we will make constant effort to keep this page updated with latest information. If you have any questions or concerns related to our initiative, please contact us via email

Page last updated on Aug 18, 2020