Idealogical Systems Inc.


Message from the President – Andre Vittorio

Idealogical is committed to complying for the health and well-being of our employees, customers and partners. We are also actively executing the directions from our local health officials and provincial and federal leaders while try to ensure smooth day-to-day operations for our clients.


 Read about the latest decisions made by Idealogical and the actions being taken in preparation for COVID-19.

  • All our clients have Idealogical Disaster Recovery Plan in place, which means they have contingencies to operate under most challenging circumstances, including a pandemic like coronavirus.
  • At Idealogical, we take our direction from the WHO, not the media, and since the day COVID-19 outbreak was officially declared a pandemic, we have activated our Pandemic Plan.
  • We understand that IT is a critical and essential service of our client’s businesses and have assured them that there will be no interruption in the uptime, we will continue to monitor and support their network and associated systems.
  • Idealogical employees will be working from home, but from a client’s perspective, technical support is offered as usual without any interruptions.
  • We have increased cleaning and sanitizing at our office to help prevent the spread of germs.
  • We encourage everyone to clean their keyboards, mice and especially phones with a 70% isopropyl alcohol mix or Lysol type wipes daily. Take your phones out of their cases and clean them thoroughly. 
  • We are also committed to providing support to our fellow GTA business owners. Read how are we help other businesses on our Community Support Page.


Additional Support for Idealogical Clients

  • Helping all our clients with their pandemic planning, including setting up their employees to work from home. We are equipped with tools and technologies that can be used to help mitigate any concerns our clients may have and allow them to work remotely in these uncertain times.
  • For shortages and delays in procuring products because of production shortages, we are working closely with our vendor partners to source the essential products on priority.
  • 95% of technical issues can be solved remotely by our team, and in-person visits are suspended until further notice. However, in the event of an emergency that requires a physical presence, we will dispatch a tech support team member and ensure uptime at no additional charge. At an emergency on-site visit, our tech team will carry precautionary tools, including their keyboard and mouse, we have to do our part to reduce the spread and risk to our team and yours.


Idealogical plans and policies have enabled us to function even if the entire team is under quarantine.  

The Idealogical team is working tirelessly to ensure our service requirements are met as smoothly as possible while keeping an eye on the effects of the coronavirus infection and this dynamically changing environment.

If you have any questions or concerns or need help with your pandemic planning, please contact us at or 416-410-5030.