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3 Things You Need To Know Before Reopening Your GTA Office

June 11, 2020 | Covid-19, Tips & Tricks, Logical Talk

3 Things You Need To Know Before Reopening Your GTA Office

Photo description: A Framework for Reopening our Province •    Phase 1: Protect and Support — $17-billion in targeted support •    Phase 2: Restart — A gradual, staged approach: Stage1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 •    Phase 3: Recover — Long-term growth

As the restrictions ease and employees start returning to work, small and medium-sized businesses are expected to lay the groundwork ahead of time. Being careful, prepared and closely monitor the frequently changing situation is of utmost importance.

There are also some specific things that we think you should keep in mind while you are relaunching and reopening your businesses in Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the provincial reopening.

Here are The 3 Things To Know Before Reopening Your GTA Office

1. Access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Create a work environment where your employees feel safe to come back to the office by giving them access to PPE. You need to ensure that your workplace can safely operate and protect your employees, customers, and vendors both on-site and off-site. PPE includes gloves, masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, gowns, etc.

At Idealogical, we have stocked up on locally manufactured PPE for all our employees. For our tech team, we have gone a step further and ensured they have their own wireless keyboard and mouse to physically distance themselves while on-site.

Idealogical Tech support equipped with PPE gear on-site

2. Put Together An Emergency Task Force

As the COVID-19 situation is constantly evolving, you must consider having an emergency task force – a key group of team members you could rely on if the conditions were to change. Whether your company's strength is 10 or 150 employees, you should never feel alone and have to make decisions by yourself. Take the help of your emergency task force and figure your business operations together as a team. As technology experts, we would always recommend having IT representation in your emergency task force to build your business continuity plan.

3. Check Your IT System Integrity

This may be an excellent opportunity to check your entire IT infrastructure for any system issues that you may have discovered during your work from home period and fix the issues that may have fallen from the cracks. Evaluate your business continuity plan and remote working tools as a part of your proactive thinking if a second wave were to hit us. Double-check for any possible points of security risks and ensure your IT network up-to-date. Not sure where to start from? Book an appointment with Andre Vittorio, and he will be more than happy to guide you without any commitment.

One of the other most important things you should be doing in follow the directions on reopening businesses from the Government of Ontario.

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