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3 Tips to Make Your Backup protected from Ransomware

December 17, 2018 | Logical Talk

3 Tips to Make Your Backup protected from Ransomware

Embrace 3-2-1 backup: 3-2-1 backup is a backup strategy that requires you to have three copies of your data in two different locations, one of which is offsite. Making your backup 3-2-1 compliant ensures that even if one copy of your backup is encrypted by ransomware you’ll still have at least one off-site copy that can’t be touched.
Use both image and file backup: Image backup creates a snapshot of your computer that allows you to restore your computer to a state it was in at a previous point in time.

A single image file is easier to manage and quicker restore than thousands of individual files which will help reduce your RTO. However, a file-based backup will allow you to recover single files more quickly than a whole system image. So, if your user needs a critical document right away you can recover it for them while you restore the rest of the image.

Test, test, test: As a best practice, testing out how long it takes you to restore an individual endpoint from backup is a great way to help understand the cost in resources and time from a ransomware attack.

IdeaLogical hopes you enjoyed this email blog and will follow along with the additional segments in the weeks to come. The next installment will be “3 Things to Rely on for Ransomware Protection Before You Resort to Backup”

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