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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Be the Best Version of Yourself

January 18, 2023 | Logical Talk

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Be the Best Version of Yourself

We are nearing the three-week mark into our new year’s resolution, and let’s be honest, some of us have  been unable to keep up with our big goals within the first couple of days. And, we say it’s okay; we have all been there before, but now that we’re back from the holiday season, why not consider professional resolutions for work?  

Times have changed, and everyone is now focusing on the importance of a healthy work-life balance, whether it means working from the office, home, or both. But while we want to create a healthy work-life balance, we are also torn because we want to become more productive throughout the day.  

Here are Top 5 New Year’s resolutions to help you become more productive and efficient in creating a healthy work-life balance.   


Adopt an Organized Lifestyle  

Transform yourself into a more efficient you by adopting a more organized lifestyle. Practical organization skills will not only complete your tasks in the dedicated time but will enhance the quality of your work-life balance. It enables you to avoid working overtime and pursuing more personal time, for example, a hobby of playing the guitar that is collecting dust in the closet. Then, when you return to work the next day, you will feel more fulfilled and ready to go.  

And, if you find yourself questioning where the time has gone? You’re not the only one. We all know that one employee could run two major business functions, be a parent and have time to run a marathon all in one day. But little did we know that technology solves most of our problems. 

Believe it or not, personal assistance is in our hands. All you have to do is download a time management app, and your daily life will become easier to manage.  

A great app in mind is Microsoft To Do. With Microsoft To Do you can set yourself up for a successful week with personalized suggestions on how to do your daily and weekly to do list. On top of all that, the app will give you tips and tricks on how to improve your personal day too.  

Before you know it, you will have time to run a marathon, too, or find time to watch your favorite show.  


Digital Cleaning  

Out with the old and in with the new files, figuratively speaking. Throw away or dispose of last year’s notes safely and securely. If you do not need specific files, place 2022 files in a separate folder, thus eliminating the noise from your screen.  

Coming back to improving your organizational skills, this is an excellent opportunity to customize the filing system that works best for you. Become more productive in your daily life by eliminating wasted time trying to pull up files. Instead, create categories and sub-categories to find your files in 5 seconds, not 5 minutes.  Collaborating tools like SharePoint will be your best friend for organizing your digital files.


Take Your Lunch Break

It’s easy to lose track of time when you are neck-deep in a project or assignment, to the point where you skip lunch.  

Taking a break helps boost your sugar levels in the middle of the day, giving you the energy, you need for the rest of the day. In return, it enables you to be twice as productive for the rest of the afternoon.  

Pro-Tip: Get into the habit of blocking time out in your schedule to have lunch daily; then, your peers will know to avoid scheduling a meeting during this time.   


Challenge Yourself to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

With the new year comes new opportunities; empower yourself to push yourself in 2023.  

Become a vision-driven employee by taking the initiative to lead projects – big or small. Step out of your comfort zone. For example, if you’re known to be shy, speak up in meetings and share your thoughts. And before you know it, your peers and colleagues will see the new you.  


Lastly, Add Cyber Hygiene to Your New Year's Resolution List

As we become the work-life balance gurus, we also need to remind ourselves to be cautious with our cyber activities. Now, is the perfect opportunity to instill safe cyber practices to start the new year on the right note.  

Adapt security practices to prevent cyber intrusion and educate your colleagues, family and friends to become more cyber aware.   

Keep in mind security practices don’t necessarily need to be big; they can be as easy as: 

  • Updating all your passwords 
  • Practising healthy email hygiene  
  • Keeping up to date with updates  
  • Turning off your screen when stepping away  
  • And reading up on the latest security trends.  

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