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9 Tips to Prevent You from Cyberattacks

October 01, 2019 | Tips & Tricks

9 Tips to Prevent You from Cyberattacks

Here are 9 tips to prevent you from cyberattacks that will make you a responsible employee.

1. Software Updates

Keep your software update. Cyber attackers frequently use known flaws in your software to gain access to your system.

2. Data Storage and Sharing

Avoid storing sensitive information on USB sticks or external hard drives. Instead, use OneDrive or SharePoint. This will prevent data loss if your device is stolen or attacked for ransomware.

3. Detect Phishing Emails 

Innocent employees unknowingly clicking on phishing emails may infect your entire network. Look for fonts, grammar, structure, and signature of the email; if it looks unusual, it is possibly a phishing email.

4. Set Strong Passwords

Stronger passwords act as a layer of protection. Avoid repeating the same passwords for different sites, update your passwords regularly and use two-to-three step authentication for confidential data.

5. Lock Your Device

It is tough for hackers to access locked devices. Use Win+L on Windows or Control+Shift+Power on Mac to lock your screen before stepping away from your device.

6. Trusted source downloads

We are all downloading new software or app every day. Ensure you download the application from a trusted source only.

7. Spot risky URLs

Cybercriminals can catch unsuspecting employees in a scam by taking the URLs of recognized sites and tweaking them slightly. Signs that a URL is untrustworthy include hyphens, numbers, spelling mistakes and @ symbols in place of regular characters. Typing in infrequent URL manually in the address bar rather than clicking on email links will help ensure you are going to a legitimate site and not a malicious or spoofed site.

8. Ensure daily Backup

Ensure your work files are being backed-up daily. This will ensure you have access to all your files in the event of an attack.

9. Trust experts to ensure full network security

Trust only experts to protect you from being a victim of Cybercrimes. Idealogical is a pioneer of protecting small businesses from Cyberattacks in the GTA.

Have questions about cybersecurity? Talk to an Idealogical expert, call 416.410.5030 or email

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