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Evite Cyber Attack Incident Confirmed

June 25, 2020 | Tips & Tricks, Helpful Advice, Logical Talk, Cyber Security

Evite Cyber Attack Incident Confirmed

In Mid-April, reports were circulating on the internet that the e-card company Evite was hacked by a self-identified hacker who claimed to have attached 44 companies in total.

The hacker has confirmed that – since mid-February, he has been putting batches of hacked data on Dream Market, which a dark web marketplace for selling illegal products, such as guns, drugs, and hacking tools.

The stolen data is being sold in five different rounds, which belongs to companies like Mindjolt, Wanelo, UnderArmour, ShareThis and many more. Evite is just one of the many companies that was attacked. Read Evite's confirmation on the data breach

What Should Be Your Next Step To Protect Yourself From Being Compromised By Evite Attacks?

  1. First things first, change your Evite passwords ASAP.
  2. Ask your IT provider to run an emergency Dark Web Scan to see if yours or your colleague’s data is breached (we are proactively scanning dark web for our clients).
  3. If you don’t have an IT provider who can help you with a dark web scan, contact us for a Free Dark Web Report at with the subject line ‘Dark Web Scan Request - {Your Company Name}’ or call us at 905-474-4332 

What Is The Dark Web and How It Works?

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