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How Can You Access the Reliability of Your IT Team Before You Hire?

January 09, 2015 | Hiring for IT

Before hiring a consultant or firm, ask them the following questions:

1. Do you have a system in place for responding to emergencies? Look for a company that has a better answer than, “Sure – you can always reach me on my cell phone.” Ideally, they should have more than one technician available at all times and a customer service person who “owns” the problem to make sure you get help fast.

2. What is your average response time to an emergency? If it’s much more than one hour by phone and four hours on site, you probably want to keep looking. A company that offers remote management and support will usually have the shortest response time on average because their consultants will be able to access and troubleshoot your network from wherever they are.

3. Do you have a response time guarantee? Most technicians should be able to guarantee a return call within two hours or less. If a firm or technician cannot guarantee response time, move on to the next. If they aren’t guaranteeing response times, they probably don’t have an organized system in place. This can leave you high and dry when you need help the most.
Quick Tip: People’s actions in the sales process are usually a good indicator of how responsive they’ll be in an emergency. Do they return your calls promptly? Did they keep their promises? Do they sound rushed and disorganized when you finally get them on the phone? If they aren’t professional and prompt when proposing their services, chances are they’ll be even worse when providing them.

Note: This content is based on an excerpt of “The Search for Hassle-Free IT” book. Request your FREE copy.

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