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Internet Down, Roger that!

July 08, 2022 | Idealogical News

Internet Down, Roger that!

As of June 8, 2022, many Canadians felt they were back in the 80s with no phone service and cash in their wallets.

One of Canada's largest network providers lost all network service, resulting in all customers losing mobile and internet service. Unfortunately, the known network provider has yet to release an update regarding the outage.

This is not the first time either; last year Rogers suffered a massive wireless outage caused by a software update that left customers without service.

The root cause was a missed software update that affected 'a piece of equipment in the central part of their wireless network'.

Have you considered a backup internet connection?

In times like today,  IT providers advise companies to set up a backup internet connection. This is a secondary internet connection, ready to be deployed in case your primary one fails. 'Rather than having all of your eggs in one basket with a single internet provider, a backup system can help you stay connected even if your primary internet goes down.

First things first, when considering a backup line, look for a different provider from your primary connection. Choosing two various providers will also decrease the chances that both will fail simultaneously.

Secondly, if your primary internet connection is wired, consider cellular for your backup or if you connect through fibre optic, use cable internet as your backup.

It is essential to ensure your backup connection can also handle your data needs. In addition, your backup internet must deliver the same level of service to keep it going.

What happens when your business internet goes down?

This network outage heavily impacted businesses that rely on Rogers Internet. Many organizations opened their doors without access to information, email communications apps, cloud files and social media; the list continues.

Internet access is essential; surprisingly, few businesses run without the internet. However, without a backup connection, it means you are completely disconnected. Below are the four potential outcomes that can happen to your business.

Financial Loss: The outage will also affect the business financially with missed sales and reduced output. Studies have shown that small companies have lost up to '$8,580 in one hour. Could you imagine what one day will cost?

Loss of Productivity: Many businesses heavily rely on business operations through the internet; due to an outage, employees cannot perform their jobs.

Customer Service Failure: Nowadays, ' Cash Only' is a customer's worst enemy because nobody carries it anymore. When the internet is down, the loss of basic functionality can erode customer trust or tarnish your reputation.

Stress and Chaos: This is unavoidable; having no access to the internet can be stressful. However, a complete outage is an out-of-hand scenario. if you need to get your income stream flowing and projects moving forward, contact your customers or pay your employees. Having backup internet will give you peace of mind.

What we offer

Affected by the outage? Now considering a backup internet but don't know where to begin? At Idealogical we are happy to assist in providing answers to your questions and quoting a backup internet today. Call Wayne Westernacher -Schneider at (905) 474-4332 for help today.  

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