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Making Cyber Security A Priority

May 30, 2022 | Logical Talk

Making Cyber Security A Priority

It is 2022, and every day even the smallest of businesses are coming to terms with the idea that cybercriminals are a major threat. This is why infrastructure integrity is necessary for business owners to know if they want to ensure their online safety. 

What is Infrastructure Integrity?

Refers to the set up within your business, which promotes safety and security by setting up firewalls, multifactor authentication, back-,ups and anti-viruses. 

If your business has yet to consider investing in cybersecurity, you're waiting for a ticking time bomb to go off. Follow these steps to be on the right path to making your business Cyber Secure. 

Restrict and Control Access to Your Networks

A Cybercriminal's bread and butter in accessing your data are poorly secured networks. 

Companies can avoid the following by being proactive and ensuring that each employee is set up with a strong password and two-multiple-factor authentication is in place. 

Consider setting up access policies within the company, restricting certain employees from having access to certain information. 

Run Break-In Drills

If you are not sure of your Cyberinfrastructure, consider conducting a fire drill, cybersecurity companies can run mock break-ins to keep businesses on their toes. 

Obviously, with your knowledge and supervision, engage with a cyber security company for penetration testing, in which professionals will attempt to gain access to your networks. 

Keep Your Applications and Software Updated

This is standard; keeping your software up to date will effectively fight off new threats. If you fail to do so, you're running intense risks. For example, it is like leaving your car door unlocked; anyone can break-in at any moment. 

Cybercriminals are becoming advanced every day, and your systems need to be updated to prevent such threats. 

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