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MSP's & Start-Ups Go Hand in Hand

March 28, 2022 | Knowledge Base

MSP's & Start-Ups Go Hand in Hand

No business wants to make headlines for being a victim of a cyberattack: especially small businesses or start-ups where success depends on the trust and loyalty of customers. A security breach on a small company can shut down within six months.......  

The issue with SMBs is their concern for costs – resulting in a hasty decision not to hire someone to look after their I.T. needs. So rather than pursuing an MSP / In house technician, it is delegated to someone else with basic knowledge of I.T.   

From working in an SMB or start-up, it is common for employees to wear multiple hats. According to Harvard Business, heavy multitaskers are less competent at doing several things at once than light multitaskers. (“How (and Why) to Stop Multitasking - Harvard Business Review”). Please take it in; the more tasks or responsibilities one has, the level of quality will drop.   

The reasons why you should hire an MSP 


Msps has a vast team of multiple I.T. experts who help numerous clients with various I.T. challenges. It is rare for an MSP to have the same challenges every day, whereas an in-house I.T. professional does not have the exposure, so when they do run into a rare issue, it will take longer to fix.   

Ahead Of The Ball Game  

To stay on top of their game, an MSP will stay ahead of the curve in virus protection, backups & the latest technology.   

An in-house I.T. professional may know your systems; however, they may not have the time to consider updating your networks regularly.    

Two Heads Are Better Than One

When hiring an MSP, you employ a team of techs who can bounce ideas off each other to get the job done. In contrast, an in-house technician may not have the answers or capabilities to solve a complex issue. For example, in case your company is attacked? Your in-house I.T. will not be capable of dealing with the problem alone, not only putting the company to a halt but calling an I.T. company which will become more costly.   

Saving Money

According to Deloitte, a business will spend about “3.28% of their revenue per year on I.T. expenses.” Most smaller companies have a minimum budget for hiring an In-house specialist, hence why the cheaper option is to investigate having an MSP.    

The Weight Lifted Off

Starting a business takes time, effort, and planning, thus leaving little time to concentrate on your I.T needs. Delegating setting up the I.T. infrastructure to someone already with multiple hats can result in vulnerabilities. Due to the cost factor and poor decision making, I.T. is considered last in the initial stages, when it should be a number one priority. We already established that MSPs are the more cost-effective decisions, but they can also assist in establishing a solid security posture, making your company proactive rather than reactive.   

It's a Matter of time  

If you think you are a small business and an attacker is less likely to attack, you are mistakenly wrong. In 2021, '43% of online attacks targeted small companies, and as a result, 60% of them closed within six months."   

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