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Popular Online Scams to look out for!!

January 01, 2022 |

Popular Online Scams to look out for!!

The IT industry keeps improving resources and tools to keep today's organizations safe and protected from cyber threats; however, because of the widespread reliance on IT and the internet, there has been a rise in illegal activities and scams that aim at corporations and people to obtain personal data to sell on the dark web, wipe out bank accounts, or hold useful business data in exchange for a steep asking price; leaving some businesses near-bankrupt spending the ransom. Then there's the unquantifiable aspect of attack interruption.

Frauds and scamming assaults have had a negative impact on worldwide enterprises and have resulted in significant financial losses for many individuals and organizations.

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More or less every industry now considers IT security a critical aspect. Antivirus services play a significant part in protecting your organization from scammers. Let's take a deeper look at how hackers might assault your company's sensitive data.

Most Popular Online Scams to Handle

There are thousands of different types of online spam to be aware of. We have listed some of the most common scamming techniques that scammers use most frequently.

Scams in the Business Loan Industry

You could land on a website that offers small business financing. With the addition of an official logo, it may be quite convincing. They may ask for "a charge" to provide you access to unique government grants and cash, and they may use the Canadian flag on their website to imitate official agencies.

Check the company's website carefully before subscribing to any newsletters or providing any personal information. If you're searching for a loan, seek out authentic and precise information about their bank’s authority. You should not use such websites to get loans.

Phishing Emails

Phishing Emails account for nearly one-third of all IT security issues, according to a research of F-Secure.

Because they may seize control of vital information, these emails are equally dangerous to both people and businesses. A food manufacturing business, for example, may lose the key to its top-notch formula. Alternatively, the email might be a phishing attempt for your company's bank details.

Don't ever click on any links included in such emails, and never give your login details, corporate information, or personal information to anybody else.

Office Supply Scam

You can get an email that seems like it came from your office supply company, claiming that there is a "government" or "legal" order that demands you to replace expired supplies or be ready to face a penalty. It may also ask you to verify your company's information, financial information, address, and so on.

It's also more likely to happen that you are asked to open "a new bank account" for some extra funds, which is a ploy. Do not provide any details of your company to these suspicious emails, even if the information requested seems small. For example, if they ask you the number of staff members in your company. This may seem innocent in nature but you’d be surprised what they can do with little bits of data on your company.

How Can You Make Your Company Secure?

Employees Training

Training and keeping your personnel aware are among the easiest ways to protect your company. Cybersecurity awareness is essential to protect you against clever frauds appearing as genuine correspondence. Explain how scammers work and make sure everyone is aware of how to avoid being a victim.

Verification of Invoices and Payments

Always double-check invoices and refuse to pay for any charges that appear strange or out of context. Establish a procedure for verifying receipts and limit the number of persons who may authorize payments in the company.

Act Smart

Scammers have advanced to the point where they can get bogus phone numbers, so don't trust your caller ID. If the individual on the other end claims to be a government worker, you may want to ask them for further credentials before giving away any personal information. Protect all financial details, passwords, and documents in the organization. Open links from unknown senders with caution.

What Can Idealogical Do for Your Business?

Do you wish to prevent all of the mentioned, as well as additional scams? Idealogical will be there to assist you. Managed IT services, cloud computing, network security, antivirus services, data recovery, mobile phone, and MAC support, and network installation and upgrades are just a few of the services we offer. For innovative IT services and solutions, call (905) 474-4332 now.

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