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The Truth behind 'System Failures'?

March 22, 2022 | Knowledge Base

The Truth behind 'System Failures'?

Evidently, Cybercriminals not only focus on the low-hanging fruit but also go after the bigger fruit. As of Sunday, April 19th, Sunwing airlines shut down to what was believed be to a “system failure” but turned out to be a cyber-attack.


The specifics of the cyber-attack are still unknown to the public, however, it is clear that a third-party provider used by, ‘Sunwing Airlines fell under a security breach. This provider contains a great amount of sensitive information, resulting in Transport Canada stepping in to instruct the airline to not bring the system back up until it’s safe to do so.


At this time, it is still unclear as to when the company itself will be back up and running.


The president of the company has issued a statement of apology to those affected by the attack and has highlighted this was a situation they never expected.


Not only will the company lose thousands of dollars from compensating their flyers, but they will also suffer from the value lost from future flights due to a lack of trust.


By now, leaders of small to medium-sized companies should understand that if cybercriminals can successfully hack the larger companies, smaller companies would easily be their bread and butter.


‘Unforeseeable event’ or ‘We thought this would never happen’ is the mindset of a CEO who is knowingly unaware of their IT infrastructure. In this day in age, a proactive mindset is crucial, which means, leaders must have 100% confidence in not only their IT infrastructure but their IT team’s ability in preventing a cyberattack.

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