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Top 10 Signs You Hired the Wrong IT Consultant

October 15, 2014 | Helpful Advice, Logical Talk

The most common problem business owners encounter when searching for competent computer consultants is also part of the reason they need to outsource this work: A lack of in-depth knowledge of the industry. Interviewing someone when you don’t understand the job leaves you vulnerable to dishonest or incompetent technicians. It’s kind of like going to a new auto mechanic when you don’t know the first thing about cars. Does your car really need that expensive repair, or is the mechanic taking advantage of your obvious confusion?

Even if you’re not being blatantly ripped off, how do you know the right part got replaced? What if the mechanic – or computer repair technician in this case – is incompetent? If you don’t know anything about the service, your only recourse is to say thank you for a job “well done” and write a cheque. If there’s a problem, you’re likely to find out about it after the cheque clears.

Fortunately, you don’t have to get another four-year degree to figure this one out. An incompetent technician is easy to spot with just a little knowledge on your side.

Top 10 Signs You’ve Hired the Wrong IT Consultant:

1. He’s defensive or argumentative when you ask about project costs, completion dates, or when you question his recommendations.

2. He won’t guarantee his work or your satisfaction.

3. He talks down to you, uses “geek speak,” and makes you feel stupid when you question his recommendations or work.

4. He’s consistently late, rushed, and misses deadlines without an explanation or apology.

5. He leaves your office a mess (leave wires and cables exposed, doesn’t move furniture back).

6. He looks sloppy or disheveled.

7. He uses scare tactics to get you to buy.

8. He doesn’t explain your options for resolving a problem or completing a project; it’s basically his way or the highway.

9. He doesn’t follow up after completing a project to make sure you are satisfied.

10. He conducts personal business or supports other clients from your office when he’s supposed to be working on your project or network.

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Coming up on the Logical Talk blog, we’ll talk about some fundamental demands that your prospective IT support provider must be able to address for you before you hire them.

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