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Use "Castle Walls" to prevent Cyber Criminals accessing your Business

February 22, 2022 | Knowledge Base

Use "Castle Walls" to prevent Cyber Criminals accessing your Business

 “DO NOT LET THESE HEATHENS SCALE THE WALLS” is a phrase Cybersecurity Criminals should become familiar with. 

Networks and devices connected to the internet are vulnerable to attacks from the outside. Therefore, setting up primary permeameter defenses is essential to prevent such matters. 

What is a basic Perimeter of Defense? 

A basic perimeter of defense is security measures imposed by Companies, which will form a protective barrier between your business and the public network. 

A firewall is a commonly known method of defense set up to watch and control the flow of traffic via a set of security rules. 

There are distinct types of Basic Perimeters Defenses – 

Muti-layered Preventions – Says, “Exactly what it does on the tin,” it will form multi-layers of protection, making infiltration by Cybercriminals more difficult. 

Secure Data will help prevent criminals from gaining access to confidential data and customer info that they might sell, misuse, or offer for Ransomware. 

In non-technical terms, look at your business as if it were a Castle, you want to protect your castle from outside intruders? Correct? What do we do? We build a high castle wall and a guarded drawbridge to defend it? 

The public network lies behind these walls, where cyber attackers lie and wait to try and break in. Whereas a firewall will lay waiting at the entrance, defending against cybercriminals. 

What we recommend

  • Here at Ideological, we recommend setting up a basic Perimeter of Defense, which is one of a few steps companies can undergo to prevent cybercriminals from attacking their systems.  

    To those who already have set up a basic Perimeter of Defense system, are you 100% positive there are no holes or gaps that will give cybercriminals the tiniest opportunities to get in. If not, we highly recommend conducting a cybersecurity assessment of your IT infrastructure. The results will help you understand your business security status and let the cybersecurity experts guide you on the next steps. Get in touch with us by calling 905.474.4332.  


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