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What is Remote Management & Monitoring

September 28, 2021 | remote management system, remote work in 2021, RMM

What is Remote Management & Monitoring

What is RMM?

Time is of the ultimate essence when it comes to getting things done in a business. But unlike any other problem, the best solution to achieve efficiency is RMM, which stands for Remote Monitoring and Management

RMM is a software management agent assisting health reporting systems, resource monitoring, remote assistance, and more. The RMM agent helps enterprise IT departments get a high-level view of their systems and work more efficiently when troubleshooting.

Why RMM?

As businesses continue to migrate to a work-from-home facility, they will need to continue to integrate new technologies to be successful.

RMM offers a wide variety of features. That said, most use it for one of three main reasons:

To monitor systems and networks and to provide real-time alerts inside and outside their organization

RMM solutions are used to monitor their health and performance. Most importantly, RMM alerts an organization's IT department to potential issues and risks. This enables them to deal with these risks quickly, preventing them from becoming major issues that can disrupt data flow, reduce productivity, and impact profits.

Automate Management Tasks

With RMM in place, day-to-day IT tasks that technicians are required to perform on a regular and continuous basis can be performed automatically, reducing the time and energy spent.  

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

One of the core functions of RMM is to enable IT technicians to maintain and repair systems and networks remotely (and in real-time) without any productivity while reducing disruption to end users. . RMM allows them, for example, to remotely connect to machines and devices, deploy new software, troubleshoot and manage updates. IT engineers can schedule system updates, patches, and more, without disrupting end users currently on the system or network - a key benefit that avoids costly downtime.

Future of Remote Work

More than half of the Canadian population now works from home due to the coronavirus, and many companies have announced that employees will not return to the office until 2021.

As a business, efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability are essential. RMM offers all three and transforms all your major and minor operations. The most valuable benefits to look for in RMM are

Team Work:

One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is making sure of the collaboration between teams. With tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom,  teams communicate and collaborate seamlessly on projects.

Cloud Computing:

Remote workers need virtual access to everything. With cloud-based storage, employees have better access to files wherever they are. work. Multiple team members can work on the same file at the same time with real-time updates.


Since COVID19, we've seen a huge increase in cybersecurity threats, and with 95% of all security breaches being caused by human error, the focus is on better security measures.

Organizations have implemented better security protocols by creating more stringent password guidelines, providing cyber security training to all employees, and investing time and money in better network defense.

The future of work is distant and your organization will have to adapt. Whether you need help with cloud computing, cybersecurity, or additional IT support, Idealogical is here to help, so contact us today.

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