Empowering Your Employees in Data Security

Do you trust your employees with confidential information? Here’s a surprising statistic: for a third of small and medium-sized business leaders, the answer is a resounding “no”! Maybe it’s because Jim from accounting still has his password on a Post-it note under his keyboard? Or

Goodbye Traditional Passwords!

Welcome to the future of online security—where those long, hard-to-remember passwords may soon be a thing of the past! As guess what? Google has just set Passkeys as the default sign-in method for all personal accounts in its network, marking the dawn of a new

“You can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks…”

Recent research has unveiled a surprising discovery in the realm of cybersecurity risks: your tech-savvy younger employees may emerge as your organization’s most significant vulnerability. The implications of this revelation may leave you astounded, so let’s delve deeper into the findings. A survey encompassing over