Help Us Empower Small Businesses to Do Incredible Things

Technology can do incredible things when it works. Through IT and security services, we support high performing GTA businesses with disruption free working experience.

Who We Are

Our Core Values

To us, our culture and core values are more than words on the wall. It is who we are and how we achieve excellence in different areas of the business yet be #oneteam. It is our sacred culture that makes us unique.

Idealogical is a small business with a big heart at our core. We are an exclusive group who don’t like  being stuck  in one spot. We feed our hunger to do exceptional work with knowledge, passion, and integrity. We don’t hide behind screens and are  bold  enough to have big conversations in person.

We value the contribution of every employee regardless of their position, and our gratitude is reflected in our compensation, profit sharing  and  benefits. Everyone  is  welcome, but we  are  not  for everyone.

Who We Are

We were born with a clear purpose of helping people around us with our mighty knowledge of technology.

Twenty-eight years later, after much hard work and commitment, our mission has evolved to become a leader in the IT industry by humanizing the experience and driving customer confidence.

We believe that bringing peace of mind to people with knowledge is a true gift, and there is a better way to deliver IT services. We are on our way to empowering small businesses to do incredible things, and we’d love to have you on this journey with us.

Are You Ready To Be A Part Of Something Big?

Take the first small step.

We Operate Differently than Most IT Companies In The Greater Toronto Area.

We are a for-profit organization that believes in sharing. We have a profit-sharing plan that distributes our earnings with everyone who has contributed to helping us achieve our goals. We’re self-funded and have no stakeholders who would cloud our judgements. We are committed to staying nimble. We want to be able to know the names of the people who we work with, which means capping our employee size to around 40 people.

Idealogical has two goals: changing the way you see IT and providing a fulfilling life for the people who help us build this incredible organization.

We are gathering a team of people we love working with instead of the most economical ones. We have created a service that solves complex IT problems for most small businesses instead of the one that makes the most money.

We are a group of diverse and uniquely talented humans on this planet who have one collective vision for the kind of company we want to be a part of— an organization that is devoted to the service of other.

At Idealogical, there are endless opportunities to learn, develop and grow. Whether you are a recent graduate or a senior manager, you have access to all the tools, support and camaraderie dedicated to helping you succeed.

You will never find yourself alone when the going gets tough. This is what attracts the best kind of human beings to Idealogical and fuels their passion.

When we are not helping small businesses do incredible things, you will find us at your local bowling alley in the fall, the most prominent baseball diamond in Toronto, or somewhere cool, indulging in the next big team thing to do.

We'd Love to Hear from You!

If we made you feel warm and fuzzy inside and seemed like we are the ideal organization you’d want to be a part of, we’d love to hear from you. Remember, we look at you for the person you are and not just for what degrees you bring to the table. If you have more qualifications or less, who cares? If you feel you belong at Idealogical, apply anyway.

Send your application through the “Apply for this job” button on the position web page. We look forward to getting to know you!

There Are Some Pretty Cool Perks Of Being a Part of the Idealogical Family

By joining Idealogical, you will work with some of the industry’s brightest and most experienced people in an environment where you are challenged to be the best in everything you do. Idealogical is where you can grow and develop your career in a meaningful way.

We have folks that have been with us for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and 28 years. Our team members rarely leave us.

Our team is everything to us and we take care of our people like we expect you to care for our clients. We foster sustainable growth, good health and overall well-being and strive hard to make you feel heard, helped, and happy.

How We Make You Feel Heard

Anonymous Feedback

Anonymous feedback system led by the president to make continuous improvement

Weekly Monetary Wins

Recognition for being a team player reflected in weekly monetary wins in the form of peer praises.

Annual Awards

Recognition for being an exceptional employee with opportunities to win 6 different awards at our annual holiday get together.

How We Make You Feel Helped

Paid Education Hours

48 hours of paid training and education per year to help you fill your knowledge gap

Paid Certifications

We invest heavily in helping our people acquire skills dictated by the industry and pay for your professional certifications.

Team Camaraderie

An organization-wide group of people who looks out for you and goes above and beyond to help each other succeed.

Monthly Outings

Distinct monthly outings infused with competitive team games, good food and great conversations.

In-house Chiropractor services

In-house Chiropractor services provided by our trusted health practitioner, who uses cutting-edge tools and techniques to maximize your health.

In-house Massage Facility

In-house massage facility where you can take a break during the day and relax.

How We Make You Feel Happy

Competitive Base Salary

Based on skills, experience and motivation.

Profit Sharing

Tier-based profit sharing program for everyone at Idealogical.

Generous Time Off

Three-week vacation to start.

Paid Personal Days

6 paid personal days for those uninvited sicknesses, personal commitments (for example, unscheduled school closures), or just 'I don't feel like working today' days.

Work-perks for Your LifeStyle

Unlimited discounts on your favourite brands to help you keep up with the changing trends and lifestyle choices.

Health & Dental Benefits

Best in class comprehensive health and dental benefits.

State-of-the-art Office Space

State-of-the-art office space carefully designed to help you transition from the fatigue caused by work-from-home settings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
About Idealogical Hiring

We strive to only go up to 10 days without letting you know the status of your application.
It depends on various factors like the kind of position and whether the role needs a test. However, for most positions, it takes 2-3 weeks for the whole process to complete.
No. We don’t. We feed off of each other’s positive energy and learn from one another – a direct product of an in-office work environment. Our culture demands in-office interactions and Idealogical is here for it. Having said that, we have flexible work options to make your life as comfortable as possible.
One thing you can count on us is transparency during the selection process. We understand how frustrating it is to be in the unknown. Our hiring team is always available to provide information about the progress or any questions you may have throughout the selection process.

Small Business, Big Mission

Working at ldealogical means being recognized for your work, taking charge of your career growth and making a difference.

If you want the same things in life as us, we want to hear from you!