Guidelines for Email Security in 2022

Guidelines for Email Security in 2022

Unfortunately, with the rise of cybercrime, your emails are open to hackers, putting important data at risk. We’re here to teach you about email security so that your information and privacy aren’t at risk.

There are a few methods that add an extra security layer to your emails to make them even safer. These basic email security rules will help you protect yourself against hundreds, if not thousands, of cyberattacks.

What are the best email security practices in 2022?

2-Way Authentication

You can avoid unwanted email threats via two-way authentication, which is a good simple solution. It’s the same as adding a second protective layer to your account or a second lock on the gate. Fortunately, almost every email platform now offers two-factor authentication, but if your particular one doesn’t, you can always move to some other provider.

You will normally get two-step authentication codes by Text, email, phone calls, or OTP applications (time-based one-time passwords).

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

With the present, continuous work-from-home arrangement, setting up a VPN is a terrific approach to secure the privacy of your remote teams. A VPN configuration allows you to operate through a private server even if you’re utilizing public Wi-Fi. It secures your employee’s emails and other sensitive information from being misused, even if they’re working from a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi. Make sure that the VPN you’re using is the latest and most up-to-date.

Use an Anti-Virus software

It’s a great thing to have an antivirus application on your computer. Most antivirus software scans email attachments for viruses before downloading them and prevents you from accessing dangerous websites.

They can also help you remove any virus that has found its way into your computer by accident.

Idealogical can also help to defend yourself against malicious attacks with their anti-virus and spyware services,  thus ensuring that you don’t have to compromise your email security.

Scan Attachments Every time

Scanning email attachments is very crucial. Usually, business emails are sent to you by your company’s account. But sometimes, you get an email from an unknown source and it contains files that you think you must open.

Such an email has the potential to capture your curiosity. You can’t just dump it in the garbage since it may be an official email. Even if emails seem to originate from reputable sources, always scan attachments. It might be a phishing email that appears to be legitimate.

Generate a New Password

Remembering various passwords is not an easy thing hence you generally do not prefer changing your passwords. However, one of the most basic and easiest rules to follow with good email security is simply to change your passwords often.

Password cracks and data breaches happen every year, and criminals generally wait a bit before trying again. Consider your password to be your first line of protection, and changing it at least every other year will help to improve your security.

When Using Devices, Use Caution

Some organizations allow their employees to bring their gadgets (laptops etc.) to the workplace and use them for office work. Make sure to install a VPN on all personal laptops and the systems in your workplace as well. Ensure working on a secure network and install antivirus programs on each laptop to avoid any potential data loss.

Idealogical – Your Layer of Protection

In certain ways, your network system is only as powerful as its weakest link. Make sure you’re not the weakest link in the system. In addition to the tools that administrators utilize to keep undesirable threats out, employee training is critical to maintaining the email security of your network. To receive the greatest email security for conducting your business safely, call Idealogical Group at 905-474-4332.