How a Technology Business Review Improves Business Performance

How a Technology Business Review Improves Business Performance

We all come across a lot of data during our typical workday. From the number of client reviews received today to how many employees are on vacation next week. There is data everywhere, and in everything a business does.

Business leaders have to take it a step further and dig deeper into metrics and measurables to oversee the performance of an organization. But some crucial data and powerful insights about operational efficiencies, process gaps, and employee performance can go missing if you are not looking for answers in the right places.

A Cheat Sheet to Business Operational Efficiencies 

One of the low-hanging fruits to identify gaps in your operational efficiency is through auditing your technology infrastructure. In our 28 years of experience, nine times out of 10, technology is the common factor in the operational inefficiencies of a business. Whether it is an outdated piece of hardware or issues at your data center, it all leads to slowing your workforce down.

This is why some of the highest-performing businesses engage with sophisticated third-party providers who can create an efficiency report for you. One of the many ways to achieve operational efficiency is through Technology Business Reviews.

What is a Technology Business Review? 

A technology Business Review is when your technology partner sits down with you and discuss business concerns, challenges, business model adjustments and market changes that directly affect your day-to-day operations and find a way to bridge the gap with the help of automation and technology. It is an opportunity to review what can be done to help your business run more efficiently without disrupting day-to-day operations.

Depending on your business needs, a Technology Business Review may occur twice to four times year, depending on the client’s needs. For example, a business in a hyper-growth mode may need a technology business review every quarter, while other businesses may need check-ins once or twice a year.

And a Technology Business Review does not always have to be in a formal setting; it can be as casual as going out for lunch and discussing business performance and bridging the efficiency gaps.

What Topics Should Be Discussed At a Technology Business Review

  • Both company’s plans for the upcoming quarter, six months and the year
  • Service Satisfaction
  • Critical business plans like aggressive hiring, layoffs, office moves, new department formation, etc
  • Market updates and concerns
  • Analytical service performance update
  • Any significant change in the way you work

At Idealogical Systems, we take the time to understand your business needs, curate relevant technology best practices, and reflect them against your larger business goals.

How Idealogical Improves Operations Efficiency through technology Business Reviews 

We are not typical IT guys; we have created strong relationships with the people we work with. We understand their technical needs and advise them on what’s best for them and their organizations. And a TBR gives us a chance to discuss metrics, set time review goals, and make adjustments to their service.

Once our TBRs are complete, we take our client feedback and set realistic goals for improving our services. And this year, our team is working on several new processes to help improve our client’s business performance and take operational efficiency to the next level

Expert Views on Results of Technology Business Review 

Ria and Darren both play a distinct role at Idealogical, but their main focus is ensuring our clients are heard, helped and happy. And with this year, their top priority is enhancing processes and new security measures that make the most sense for each client.

Ria Latchman – Service Desk Team Lead

At the dispatch desk, we are enacting and reviewing our processes to serve our clients better. We are re-evaluating our client’s business priorities to escalate helpdesk tickets more efficiently. For example, a disconnected printer may not be of high importance for most businesses, but for Law firms, it is crucial they are up and running as soon as possible.

Darren Meunier – Information Security Officer 

With your technology working efficiently, we also want to ensure your IT infrastructure is protected and secure. So, this year, we focus on introducing robust AI tools to monitor and detect sophisticated attacks. Secondly, we provide 3X more cybersecurity awareness training for all our end users.

Idealogical Is Here For You

We understand you’re constantly improving your business process and operations to achieve company goals, but it can be demanding to try and balance everything. And with technology advancing at lightning speed, partnering up with a company that will help you achieve your business goals is advisable.

Contact Idealogical today and find out how we can free up your time and allow you to focus on your organization’s performance. Call Wayne Westernacher-Schneider at 905 754 6104