Which Ransomware Payment Option is Best?

Picture this: Your business gets hit by a ransomware attack, and your valuable data is locked away by cyber criminals demanding a huge ransom fee. You can’t afford to pay it. But there’s a twist – just like those “buy now, pay later” schemes, some

Bridging the Trust Gap: Empowering Employees with AI Integration

You’ve probably been considering how to harness the potential of AI to boost your company’s efficiency and productivity. But there’s a small problem. A recent study revealed something fascinating but not entirely surprising: A trust gap when it comes to AI in the workplace. While

Cybercriminals Targeting Businesses Regardless of Size

You might think that cyber criminals are only interested in large companies or those with huge financial assets. After all, that’s where the big bucks are, right? Think again. Recent reports have shown that cyber criminals are casting their nets wide, targeting businesses of all

Edge Browser’s Dual Search: Twice the Results, Half the Hassle

Microsoft continues to innovate, rolling out new features regularly. This time, the focus is on enhancing online search capabilities within the Edge browser, potentially swaying those hesitant to make the switch. Highlighted by Mikhail Parakhin, CEO of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft, Edge introduces

Microsoft now wants YOU to pay for updates!

Microsoft has dropped a bombshell: starting October 14, 2025, free support and security updates for Windows 10 will be a thing of the past. Now, the idea of shelling out for updates might raise an eyebrow or two, but let’s give this some context. By