How To Protect Children From Online Threats

The internet has become a fundamental part of our lives for quite some time now. With the positive results of easy access to interactive learning through digitization comes the risks like cyber threats and cyberbullying. According to 219 data on cyberbullying through Canadian Health Survey

Rising Concerns To Include Ransomware In Cyber Insurance?

According to BBC, The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has been accused of “funding” organized crime by including ransomware blackmail payments in cyber insurance policies. What Is The Argument Of Including Ransomware Payouts In Cyber Insurance Policies? Recently, Oxford University’s Prof. Ciaran Martin expressed his concerns

Thousands Of Spotify Account Hacked

Credential stuffing attack hits over 300,000 Spotify accounts With its increased popularity in 2008 (just 2 years after the launch), the audio streaming platform has been a cyberattack victim several times. A “credential stuffing” attack reportedly had hit Spotify in the summer of 2020. This

The Different Types of Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is all about delivering on-demand computer resources using a PAYG approach. PAYG stands for Pay As You Go. These resources include databases, virtual devices, data storage, and serverless facilities, and so on. According to the report, by the research and

Managed Vs Professional IT Services

A company can save money and time by contracting technology components. It is not necessary to spend the money and effort necessary to build an in-house solution. These costs can pile up quickly for a small organization, especially if it doesn’t employ technology very often.

Benefits of MSP

Choosing the Best Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) for your SME can be one of the most crucial decisions you make to maintain a competitive advantage. It is, however, a hard choice to make. In this article, we’ll walk you through the points to consider

Leave “IT” to a Managed Services Provider During the Holidays

Unplugging from work is only advisable on a few occasions during the year. Instead, spend time with relatives, consume a lot of food, and disconnect from your phone and emails. I hope you get where I’m going with this; the holiday season is almost upon

Guidelines for Email Security in 2022

Unfortunately, with the rise of cybercrime, your emails are open to hackers, putting important data at risk. We’re here to teach you about email security so that your information and privacy aren’t at risk. There are a few methods that add an extra security layer

A Detailed Guide on Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

Cyber threats are not only the concerns of large businesses and governments; in fact, small businesses have become the low-hanging fruit for cybercriminals as well. Many small business owners are either too busy running the business to understand what it takes to keep their systems

How Your Company’s Data Is Silently Being Leaked Online

There’s a growing trend creeping into organizations of all industries and sizes: Shadow IT. Shadow IT are unauthorized cloud applications employees are using and downloading to perform work-related activities with company data. This can be file-sharing services like Dropbox or surveys such as SurveyMonkey. The