technology solutions require an inspirational team. Our people are our greatest strength.

Idealogical At A Glance

27 years ago, we started as a hobby because of our love for technology and thirst for understanding the latest technology by helping family and friends with their technical issues.

The more problems we solved, the better we got at finding solutions. Next thing we know, we were a full-service IT support provider for some of the most growing GTA businesses and Idealogical was born.

Our Mission

To change the perception of the “IT Guy” by proactively taking away technology frustrations for businesses while delivering a legendary customer service experience.

Our President

Andre was 16 when he started Idealogical, helping his first set of clients leverage technology to grow their business. And guess what, they are still growing and are still our client.

11 Reasons To Choose Idealogical

As Your Next IT Service Provider
  1. We have 27-years of unmatched IT experience
    For the last 27-YEARS, we have been providing IT support to some of the most rapidly growing businesses in the GTA, which means proving the fact that there is no IT problem we haven’t solved. We signed our first client 27 years ago on February 12, 1996, and guess what? They are still our clients, and we still manage their IT.
  2. We are the experts in developing CUSTOM PROCESS AUTOMATION solutions for businesses just like yours
    Which means WE empower YOU to create a workplace where your employees are armed to focus on skill-intensive and problem-solving expertise than on repetitive manual tasks.
  3. We guarantee 100% uptime, or WE PAY YOU for the downtime because we know how important your reputation is in this referral-based industry
    We meticulously evaluate, plan, manage and implement technology strategies that will ensure just that. We understand business timelines like no other IT provider in the GTA, which means we assure you that your technology is available for you WHEN YOU NEED IT. WHERE YOU NEED IT.
  4. We provide “We’ll take care of it” support including vendor liaison
    Our “own it all” strategy comes from our core value – “WE KEEP OUR WORD ALWAYS,” which means we’ll support your ENTIRE IT Network and own any problems with outside vendors (internet, phones, Microsoft, Autodesk – you name it). WE HAVE exclusive vendor partnerships with YOUR VENDORS, which allows us to access special assistance that other IT companies don’t have. This is how we use our vendor relation to your advantage.
  5. Your security is our priority 24/7 and 365 days a year
    Imagine being a victim of ransomware where your systems or data are held hostage by hackers for even a day until you pay a hefty ransom? Can you afford your operations coming to a standstill when you are running against time to meet your customer’s timelines? This is when you think ahead and protect your business against cyberattacks with the help of the experts. We are a security-focused organization that works in a TEAM to achieve ONE GOAL – CLIENT SECURITY. Our investment in the latest software, integrated tools and a pool of security experts will protect your business from threats with multi-layered security solutions. We cover all the bases 24/7 and 365 days a year. We follow the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to maintain the security status of your network.
  6. Moving away from your current IT support? We have a painless onboarding process that GUARANTEE PREDICTABLE RESULTS
    We perform mandatory Network Discovery and Cyber Risk Audit on every new client we get on board. The discovery process helps us recommend only the CHANGES AND UPGRADES YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS and GUARANTEE predictable results for the future, which means there is no room for surprises and hidden costs.
  7. We assure you true business partnership with Quarterly Reviews with your Idealogical Chief Information Officer
    We don’t forget about you once you are our client. We perform mandatory QUARTERLY REVIEWS of our performance and your IT infrastructure, which means we can evaluate your needs, foresee future requirements and deliver predictable results. Transparency is in our DNA. No hidden costs. No fine prints. ONLY TRUE PARTNERSHIP.
  8. We are a team of trained experts in Adobe Suite and Autodesk
    We value education and development and want to be the smartest, most capable people in our industry. There is only one way to achieve that goal – LEARNING. We push ourselves to acquire certifications and affiliations of the tools we say we will take care of – this is how we claim to be THE EXPERTS. Our partnership with Autodesk and Adobe suite is an example of our skills and how we support your team with 0% downtime.
  9. We answer our calls live and have a technician on call in less than 3 minutes We know how crucial turnaround time is for you and that’s why when you call, our HELPDESK TECHNICIAN will answer your calls. You don’t have to wait to get transferred to the right person. We aim at solving your issue the first time around. If your problem cannot be resolved remotely, our team will come to your office and fix the issue. BENEFIT OF HAVING LOCAL EXPERTS BY YOUR SIDE.
  10. We run your IT so you can run your business
    Our extensive experience managing all types of complex projects which means we will handle every detail and coordinate with all the vendors. From a technology perspective, we guarantee that your project will be completed on time and on budget.
  11. We are fun, smart, diverse, and giving
    We have female techs on our team and folks from a different age, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. We are a group of experts and give back to the community as individuals and as a team.