Goodbye Traditional Passwords!

Welcome to the future of online security—where those long, hard-to-remember passwords may soon be a thing of the past!

As guess what? Google has just set Passkeys as the default sign-in method for all personal accounts in its network, marking the dawn of a new era in online safety.

Curious about Passkeys? Get ready for the scoop on this groundbreaking innovation that you, as a business owner with a team, should take note of.

What are Passkeys?

What exactly are Passkeys? Imagine this: logging into your account using a simple four-digit PIN or your biometric data like fingerprints or facial recognition. That’s what a Passkey is all about.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? But here’s the kicker—this new technology significantly slashes the chances of your credentials getting swiped by cybercriminals or your account falling into the wrong hands.

How do Passkeys work?

So, how do these Passkeys work their magic? Setting up a Passkey is a breeze. Head over to Google’s official Passkeys site, craft a PIN or link up your biometrics (fingerprint or face), sync your smartphone, and voila! You’re good to go.

Just a heads-up: your PC should be running Windows 10 or higher, while macOS Ventura or above is needed for Macs. For your phone, Android 9 or iOS 16 is a must. As of now, this tech plays nice only with Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Google Chrome browsers.


What are the benefits of Passkeys?

What perks can you expect from Passkeys? According to Google, 64% of folks find Passkeys easier to use than the traditional login methods. Not only are they simpler and more secure, they’re also speed demons—logging in with a Passkey is a whopping 40% faster than using a regular password.

What’s next?

What’s on the horizon? Google’s move to make Passkeys the default sign-in method is just the beginning. The tech giant is already teaming up with select partners to expand this new login feature across Chrome and Android. It’s already up and running on Uber and eBay, and the plan is to bring it to WhatsApp soon.

So, it might be smart to start pondering how Passkeys could level up your business. After all, Google might soon unleash this feature for business accounts as well.

If diving into Passkeys isn’t your thing just yet, no worries. You can opt-out for now. Just visit the Sign-in options page, locate “Skip Password When Possible,” and flip the switch off.

We’d suggest giving Passkeys a whirl to experience how much simpler—and safer—it can make your online life. And of course, if you need any guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out.


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