“You can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks…”

Recent research has unveiled a surprising discovery in the realm of cybersecurity risks: your tech-savvy younger employees may emerge as your organization’s most significant vulnerability. The implications of this revelation may leave you astounded, so let’s delve deeper into the findings.

A survey encompassing over 6,500 employees worldwide, thoughtfully designed to reflect diverse demographics, yielded results of notable concern. The study’s outcomes shed light on some disquieting trends.

Are Younger Employees Fully Aware?

It was observed that younger employees, specifically those aged 40 and below, displayed a greater tendency to disregard conventional password safety protocols. An astonishing 34% of them openly confessed to employing their birthdates as passwords, in stark contrast to only 19% of their counterparts aged 40 and above.

Regrettably, this issue extends beyond password selection. The practice of utilizing the same password across multiple devices was more pervasive among the younger workforce, with a notable 38% admitting to this potentially risky behavior.

Furthermore, the matter of phishing scams poses another significant challenge. A staggering 23% of the younger demographic neglected to report their most recent encounter with a phishing attempt, often citing the belief that it was not of significant importance.

But one might reasonably assume that these individuals, being well-acquainted with the digital landscape, would grasp the gravity of security threats posed to businesses. However, the reality falls short of such expectations. Although 23% recognized ransomware and 22% acknowledged phishing as critical threats, the general attitude towards cybersecurity remains a cause for concern.

Extending Training to Every Employee

A surprisingly large portion of the surveyed workforce revealed that their respective organizations did not administer mandatory cybersecurity training.

In light of these revelations, it becomes essential to ponder whether it is fair to lay the blame squarely on our younger workforce when the evidence suggests that businesses are not adequately equipping their employees with the requisite cybersecurity skills.

It is high time for a paradigm shift, one that elevates cybersecurity from an afterthought to a paramount concern. Regular cybersecurity awareness training should become a non-negotiable standard for every member of your organization.

Ultimately, the endeavor to fortify cybersecurity is not merely about safeguarding your business; it is about contributing to the creation of a safer digital world for us all.

If you’re not 100% confident in your teams understanding of the importance of cybersecurity, it’s time for a mandatory cybersecurity session. If you’re not sure where to start, contact us today, and we can help you.