How Idealogical Celebrated Cybersecurity Awareness Month

How Idealogical Celebrated Cybersecurity Awareness Month

There was a lot in store for 2022 as the Canadian threat landscape evolved rapidly – the government saw multiple attacks towards big organizations such as The Toronto Transit Commission and the Canadian Revenue Agency.

For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Idealogical hosted two events to educate and spread awareness on security best practices: Friday Night Grub Club, and Cybersecurity Conversation for Business Transformers.

Friday Night Grub Club 

Friday Night Grub club was our first in-person event were with Wayne Westernacher-Schneider, and Andre Vittorio educated the GTA business community on cybersecurity.  And the night included a chilling live tour of how the dark web operates, presented by Darren Meunier.

During the presentation, Idealogical called upon the audience to see if they could identify three noticeable concerns within the displayed phishing email. In the photo on your left, Janice Leroux, Juliana Bazha and Alena Guits successfully pointed out the following:

  • Incorrect Domain
  • Corrupted link
  • Misspelt email address

Throughout the night, our guests had the chance to enjoy drinks and a lovely dinner while building relationships with other businesses and the Idealogical team.

The sole purpose of this event was for our audience to walk away with cyber knowledge that would shield them from cyber-attacks, and we considered the knowledge shared a success.

Cybersecurity Conversation for Business Transformers

Next was our virtual event, where we had a live Cybersecurity Conversation with Northern American experts who openly discussed how business transformers could become more cyber-aware in our daily lives.

We were joined by Ulrike – Bahr Gedalia from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, David Vadassy from Connectwise, Matt Moline from GRIT Technologies and our very own Wayne Westernacher-Schneider.

Topics covered in this session are:

  • The evolution of Cyber Activity
  • What can organizations and individuals do to protect themselves from cyberattacks?
  • How to protect yourself from Phishing attacks

Here is the recording link to the session: Cybersecurity Conversation of 2022

How Idealogical Can Help You Grow

If business security is your current priority and you want to transform your business sustainability, below are a few ways we can help you.

  • Talk with us about our Cybersecurity Infrastructure Audit to see if your organization is cyber secure
  • Follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date with the latest cyber trends and tips
  • Schedule a no-cost cybersecurity lunch & learn with us for your employees

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