Are Zero Day Attacks on the Rise for 2022

Are Zero Day Attacks on the Rise for 2022

On May 31st, Microsoft announced that they were undergoing a Zero-Day Attack.

The “Follina” vulnerability in the Microsoft Support Diagnostic tools affects all supported windows, exposed through crafted Office documents through email attachments. Researchers have stated that the following flaw has been exploited for a month now in mainly India and Russia.

The flaw or freshly discovered software exposure is used in Phishing attacks to execute malicious commands by simply hoaxing users into believing Microsoft is instructing them to update their security or install patches.


What happens next? 

  1. Threat actors will send an email with a docx (word) or .rtf (Rich Text Format) attachment. Then, the user opens an email attachment, which contains the exploit.
  2. Once this happens, it could allow the threat actor to elevate privilege or laterally move within the environment.
  3. This has only been noticed on word .docx (word) or .rtf (Rich Text Format) email attachments. However, this can be possible with Excel or any other office format.

Microsoft experienced a similar Zero-day attack back in 2021, resulting in Cyber Criminals using four security vulnerabilities to access private data from an organization. The “Follina” vulnerability is not as severe as this one, but Microsoft has instructed that the following flaw can delete data and create new accounts.

Biggest Cyber incident of 2021

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Here at Idealogical, we encourage everyone to be cautious when opening an email from an unknown source. If you have any Concerns or Suspicions, reach out to our Vice President Wayne Westernacher-Schneider at 905.474.4332.

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