Holiday Message from Idealogical president – Andre Vittorio

Holiday Message from Idealogical president - Andre Vittorio

This is one of my favourite times of the year when everyone around us forgets all the chaos of life – big and small – to take a moment and truly be happy and cheerful all at the same time. It’s a time when we all collectively make an effort to spend time with people we genuinely care about.

This holiday season, I want to shed some light on a family I wasn’t born into but stumbled upon by happy accidents – my Idealogical family.

I am blessed to have come across some uniquely talented people I like spending time with outside my home. These are the people who push me to want to be the best version of myself as their leader.

I have seen them grow as individuals not only professionally but in their personal lives too. I have witnessed the pure joy when they got their first driver’s license, married the love of their lives to becoming a responsible parent to their little ones. These life milestones will live with me forever.

Their true grit came to light when the goings got tough at home, but they showed up to work with their radiant smile, ready to help their co-workers and client with passion.

In the time of post-pandemic uncertainties where most tech companies are exploring creative ways to cut employee-related costs – my work family is giving me all the reasons to invest in them and empower them more than ever before.

2023 will be the best year to be a part of the Idealogical family.

We are improving, growing, and taking all members of the Idealogical family with us on this ride of having a content work life and a comfortable personal life. I am optimistic about the future of Idealogical.

To conclude, if there is any advice, I can give to business owners and leaders who want to build a business they are proud of – invest in your people. Empower your workforce with tools, training and freedom to take risks. Your organization’s growth will be unrecognizable to you in 5 years.

Happy Holidays & Have a Wonderful 2023!

– Andre Vittorio

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