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Is Your IT Technician a Partner - Or Just a Computer Mechanic?

March 23, 2015 | Helpful Advice, Hiring for IT

Being a computer consultant is about more than just fixing computers. It’s about helping a business run smoothly and efficiently. It’s about improving productivity, boosting profits and elevating your customer service efforts.

Two Big Reasons Why Your IT Consultant Should Be Insured

February 20, 2015 | Hiring for IT

Any IT company or technician you consider hiring should be insured. All qualified technicians should have two kinds of insurance. If a firm isn’t insured, you’re taking a major risk by hiring them. Their prices may be cheaper up front, but you could end up paying thousands more in the long run.

5 Items to Demand in Your IT Services Contract

January 23, 2015 | Helpful Advice, Hiring for IT

All too often, the details of a project, such as response time to emergencies, project completion timelines and problem resolution methods are agreed upon verbally rather than in writing. Unfortunately, these are the very things that are most likely to come back and bite you later.

How Can You Access the Reliability of Your IT Team Before You Hire?

January 09, 2015 | Hiring for IT

Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait for a technician to show up when you have a problem. Sure, having a team will help, but it doesn’t guarantee around-the-clock service.

Two Big Reasons Your IT Technician Shouldn't Be Flying Solo

December 11, 2014 | Helpful Advice, Hiring for IT

Secrets to Finding a Great IT Consultant – Part Five