The Importance of Testing Your Data Backup

The Importance of Testing Your Data Backup

Most companies feel that once their backup system is in place they can just cross it off their list and move on. This, unfortunately, is almost as dangerous as having no backup system at all. A backup is only as good as the last successful test restore that has been performed. Without regular test restores, a company runs the risk that their backup is bad or corrupted. The worst part is, this won’t be discovered until the time that the backup is needed the most.

Whether backups are being managed internally or outsourced to another company, as a company owner you are the only one who suffers when a restore needs to be made and it is ultimately unsuccessful.

Another common occurrence is that people tend to neglect home backups. Home backups can be just as important as office backups. Imagine losing all your personal documents, or your music library that you have been working on for years, or your irreplaceable digital family photos. Having a backup not just at your house but using a service that sends that data to an offsite location will be one less thing to worry about in the event of a fire, flood or hardware failure. There are many different options out there for home backup solutions.

Remember even home backups should have test restores performed. It should be as routine as testing your smoke detectors or changing your furnace filter.