How to Access Help for Your Network After Hours

Video Transcript

Hi! Im Ada Wan, General Manager here at Idealogical Systems and this is my sidekick, Wayne Westernacher –Schneider. We call him Wayne W for short.

Today, we wanna talk to you about why the number 2 is the most important number for you our customer to always remember. Our clients ask us all the time, what happens if I need help and the Idealogical Helpdesk is closed? Yes occasionally we do allow our techs some well deserved time off but don’t fear there’s always someone available to help in your time of need even if it’s late or the weekend.

Here on Idealogical, our very knowledgeable and mobile technicians work on a rotating on call schedule so that their reachable even when the office is closed. Outside the regular business hours, simply call our help desk like you always do at 416-410-5030. Listen to the prompts and then press 2 to be connected to our afterhours call center. Once connected, describe your problem. The call center will dispatch a technician to get in touch with you, to see that you can get your work done.

Here’s how it works: one of our friendly technician is always scheduled to be on call. Ready to help at anytime you need it. Our own call center will forward your request to the on-call tech who has to acknowledge the call wherever he may be. Once the tech acknowledges the call, he will get in touch with you to find out what the problem is. If you’re one of our many existing clients under contract and you’re experiencing a problem that’s affecting the entire company network, you’re probably covered. If you are experiencing an issue that’s affecting only you and you simply can’t wait until regular business hours to be looked after by our Helpdesk, a small additional fee may apply.

So never fear, Idealogical is here. Just press 2. So remember, it’s that easy just press 2.