The Importance of Proper Organization

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Brad Sutton an IT Manager at Idealogical Systems and today were talking about the importance of file organization. Since you’re watching this video your desktop might look something like this…

Hey, we’re not judging here. We see this all the time. Seriously. While we never like to admit it, we like to give our files and folders a lot of funky names like working copy, new, temporary, my all time favorite Brad’s Stuff . What stuff? My memory is so bad I’ve already forgotten what stuff is actually there.

Do you often click through folder after folder because you know you saved the file and you can’t remember where to find it? We have a couple of solutions for you. You wanna have a defined naming scheme. This makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. An example would be adding a date to your file. This makes it easy to reference it when you’re looking for in the future. Check this out.

In my documents is a folder called expenses and what would you find there? My expense reports of course. Complete with the month and year. Easy peasy. Two clicks and I found my file. So if you have to save a file to your desktop make sure it’s only temporary because most companies never back up your desktop. So if you have any important documents never use the desktop.

So where should you put them? With really sensitive documents we see people do some real acrobatics in order to hide the file or the nature of the document. People often make up lengthy and confusing names in order to secure the documents and bury them in misleading folders. So it’s been a week you can’t find the file that you saved from last week. Where’s the file? You tried to search for it, you can’t find it. You tried looking on the desktop you can’t find it; any place you normally put your files still can’t find it, that’s because you need to store all your files in the single best place which is the my documents folder. Why is that the best place? Well if you’re an Idealogical client that file and all the other files their backed up every 15 minutes.

Remember, keep your file names short and sweet. Name them something clear and specific by adding a date to it for example: Brad’s monthly Starbucks September 2013. And last but not least save all important documents to the My Documents folder so that they get properly backed up without you having to think about it.

If you have problems with file organization, or any questions about your network, you can visit us at or feel free to call us. It’ll be our pleasure to speak with you