Two Big Reasons Why Your IT Consultant Should Be Insured

Workers’ Compensation Insurance – Without workers’ compensation insurance, you’re liable in the event that one of their technicians gets hurt at your office. That technician can, and probably will, sue you. Errors and Omissions Insurance – What happens if one of their technicians makes a

5 Items to Demand in Your IT Services Contract

There are a few problems with verbal contracts. For one, people forget things. Maybe your technician had every intention of following through on his word, but he just forgot. If it was in a written contract, though, he’d be sure to remember. Also, people often

Two Big Reasons Your IT Technician Shouldn’t Be Flying Solo

In our last article we provided Seven Questions to Ask Your IT Partner’s References, so that you can get a feel for the experiences other clients have had with your potential IT provider. In today’s article we’d like to explain why we recommend that most

Seven Questions to Ask Your IT Partner’s References

But how do you know for sure if your new IT partner has the experience they should have in order to work on your system? Ask their clients! It may seem obvious, but a lot of business owners skip over the crucial step of checking

Three Reasons To Hire a Vendor Authorized IT Consultant

What does it mean to be a vendor authorized IT consultant? Simply that the technician has been trained and tested to meet the vendor’s standards to work with their specific software or hardware. A common example would be a technician’s MCSA or Microsoft Certified Solutions

Hiring for IT: How Do You Know if Your IT Technician is Qualified?

In the next few posts we’ll discuss certain fundamentals that you should absolutely demand, such as insurance, qualifications, and references. We’ll provide you with the questions you can ask to ensure that they can back up their claims. Demand Proof of Qualifications and Experience –