Are Cybercriminals Also In Favor Of The New Hybrid LifeStyle

Are Cybercriminals Also In Favor Of The New Hybrid LifeStyle

It’s fall 2021, a sense of normality is being welcomed back into the world. Once again, companies are faced with focusing on reinventing their business model to accommodate today’s ‘new normal.’

A recent study by HP Wolf Security has discovered that ‘23% of employees would prefer to work from home, and 16% would split their time between working from home or venturing into the office.’ Over time, business owners are becoming adaptive to this new lifestyle, encouraging employees to access information and data through cloud-based technologies. While this has increased productivity and morale, it is slowly becoming a ‘ticking time bomb’ for a network breach.

As companies evaluate the hybrid lifestyle, cybercriminals are steepling and waiting. A simple walk into the office and reconnecting to the network is exposing the company’s security structure to bigger risks.

Hybrid workers could have unconsciously been subjected to malware, giving cyber thugs open access to not only personal information but company data.

Refine Cybersecurity policies
By reminding employees only to use their devices in which they are given strictly for the purpose. According to Hp Wolf Security, over ‘78% of WFH employees have blurred the lines between their personal and professional lives.’ For example, professional devices are now being used to access personal data, download movies and music, and use stay-at-home kids for school, whereas personal devices are downloading company data.

Secure wi-fi access points
Now, Professional equipment is network sharing, accessing both personal and company networks. Companies need to ensure their employees have a secure wi-fi access point, preventing a back door option for cybercriminals. Here are a few tips for securing your employee’s WI-FI access points

  1. Use a firewall
  2. Hidden network names
  3. Stronger encryption and more complex passwords
  4. Use a VPN

Recognizing the different types of Phishing
Be suspicious when opening emails; inspect and ensure you know the sender. Phishing emails are a scam that will highlight an element of urgency with the end goal of capturing personal information. If employees of the hybrid lifestyle fall victim, it will affect your companies’ network by transferring malware and viruses over the internet connections.

Apply Zero Trust Principles
By simply remembering, “Never trust, always verify” will help prevent unauthorized access, contain breaches, and reduce the risks of an attack. Check out the following blogs if you wish to know more information on Zero Trust. Please click the following. 

Is Sim Swapping Next For Identity Theft?

What is Sim Swapping?

Sim Swapping is essentially the process in which Cybercriminals can now swap your Sim through your mobile provider. By doing this, criminals are gaining full access to your mobile devices, gathering personal information that will enable them to impersonate you not only to your friends and family but to your bank accounts.

This isn’t some in-depth scheme that will take months; it will take seconds for a cybercriminal to access your personal information. However, these are the steps they take.

  1. Phishing emails have been the leading cause of Sim Swapping. Bad actors are sending out emails imitating your provider, asking for personal information. The information needed to impersonate YOU.
  2. Next, they will call your wireless carrier, request a new sim, and gain access to your phone number. Those who use text messages as a form of two-factor authentication will be an easy target.
  3. Enabling them to reset passwords to your emails and bank accounts. Unfortunately, they have now locked you out of your accounts.

Steps we can take to prevent it:

Be Suspicious – Do not open an email, click, or download if you suspect suspicious activity. Most mobile providers and Banks will not ask for personal details through email.

Create a Strong Password – Whatever you do, do not have the same password across all platforms. For sensitive accounts, create stronger passwords with multiple characteristics.

Cautious on Social Media – Refrain from putting personal information upon your social platforms, such as your phone number, address, and birthday. These are the answers to the questions banks commonly ask to approve your identification.

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