Why Is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Important?

Why Is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Important?

Two-Factor Authentication is an electronic verification method that requires a person to provide two forms of identity proof before accessing an application, network or web


From simple phishing attacks to the constantly evolving sophisticated methods like spear-phishing, credential stuffing and social engineering, there are countless methods of stealing credentials and gaining unauthorized access to user accounts.

Why Is Two-Factor Authentication Critical to A Business?



As a part of your organization’s password policy, you can enforce a periodic change of password combinations in the hopes that we’ll stay just a bit safer. But the tr


th is that, on their own, passwords no longer provide an appropriate level of security.

2FA provides added layer of security on top of the login credentials. For example, if you are trying to log in to your email account, you will have to provide your use

rname and

password and authenticate your login with a push from a third-party app, a phone call, or an SMS code. This way, even if your login credentials (username a

nd password) are compromised, a threat actor will need a second level of authentication to gain access to your email.

Benefits Of Introducing an Organization-Wide 2FA Policy

Protection Against Third-party Identity Theft

Anyone can fall victim to any of these attacks – not just unsuspecting individuals but also large enterprises that we trust to keep our data safe. For example, suppose Amazon gets hacked, and your credentials are compromised. In that case, 2FA will keep you secure because, without the 2nd layer of authentication, the threat actors may have difficulty accessing your account.

Defence Against Weak Employee Passwords

Even with the rigorous policies, employees unknowingly become victims of bad habits when setting passwords. Most recent studies bring common findings that “123456”, “password” and “qwerty” are still currently the most commonly used passwords around the world.With 2FA, users need to verify their identity in two ways, so a hacker can’t gain access to your network even if they do manage to steal an employee’s password.

Control Unmanaged Devices

The increase in remote working, whether temporarily or permanently, has meant that employees are using personal devices and less secure internet connections to access their organizations’ networks. With 2FA, you can worry less about the security of remote employees’ personal devices and Wi-Fi connections.

Stay Compliant for Cyber Insurance

Many insurance companies require organizations to have strong authentication processes, mainly if they handle and store sensitive data like personal addresses or financial information. This information could pertain to a client or the organization’s employees themselves. 2FA helps make sure that you’re compliant with identity and access management regulations.

Two-Factor Authentication solutions are relatively inexpensive and often extremely easy to deploy. They provide simple but effective protection to individual users and a more comprehensive business network. So instead of asking yourself why you need to enable 2FA, it’s time to ask yourself why you haven’t already done it.

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